No matter where you live or what season it is, your windshield is in danger of becoming damaged. It may be later, it may be sooner, but one thing is certain: one day, you’ll be driving down the road, and a small rock is going to fly up and- Crack! You now have a fresh chip in your windshield. What do you do? If you wait too long, that rock chip will only grow bigger and more pronounced. After enough time, it will form into a full-fledged crack, ruining your windshield. Instead of waiting, come visit TechnaGlass.

TechnaGlass has been in the rock chip repair business for over 25 years now! We understand windshields better than anyone else, and we know how delicate these small cracks and chips can be. That’s why we offer affordable Rock Chip Repair at all our locations for only $29.95. No appointment necessary. Just stop by and we’ll make sure that chip does not turn into a full-on crack.