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2017 Auto Glass Replacement, Repair Competition Winners Announced

The winners of the Pilkington Clear Advantage Auto Glass Technician Competition (AGTO) and the GlasWeld Windshield Repair Competition (WRO) were announced yesterday at a ceremony in West Palm Beach, Florida, where Auto Glass Week™ is being held.

Ben Rorick of TechnaGlass in Orem, Utah, took the gold for the AGTO large-size company division, while Kody Allan of OC GlassCraft in Tustin, Calif., took the gold for the AGTO regular-size company division. Each was awarded a prize of $5,000.

TechnaGlass Purchases St. George, Utah Franchisee

(St. GEORGE, UT – August 9, 2017) — TechnaGlass, a regional leader in the automotive glass repair and replacement industry, has purchased its St. George, Utah franchise as part of a strategy to profitably grow its corporate owned footprint.

The company will retain all employees and continue operations at its existing retail location at 39 South Bluff Street in St. George. This transaction will result in TechnaGlass owning virtually all retail locations in Utah as part of the company’s long-term growth strategy.

“This deal allows us to accelerate our plan to focus on opening TechnaGlass retail locations throughout the country that are directly owned and operated by us,” said Troy Mason, CEO, and Founder of TechnaGlass.

TechnaGlass currently operates in 12 states through 44 retail locations, along with its fleet of dispatched mobile technicians. Services offered by TechnaGlass include auto glass windshield repair and replacement to a large retail consumer base, as well as a diverse commercial account base including auto dealerships, municipalities, school systems, car rental firms, and fleet services companies. TechnaGlass is accredited by every major insurance provider, allowing direct billing and electronic reimbursement of claims.

Now in its 26th year, TechnaGlass has grown from a small family auto glass company to become one of the largest regional, auto glass repair and replacement companies in the United States. TechnaGlass is committed to pleasing its customers and providing a safe and high-quality installation experience. TechnaGlass uses OEM materials and adheres to AGRSS (Auto Glass Repair Safety Standard), which is the accepted industry benchmark.

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How TechnaGlass Uses Social Media to Provide Dynamic Customer Service

Social media is TechnaGlass’s strong zone when it comes to product awareness and customer interaction. Reading the pulse of the modern day customer is important and we at TechnaGlass, believe that social media is a strong tool to bring in the true customer opinion. It helps us improve our services and fix our weaknesses. Social media also provides our customers the opportunity to share their experiences during a windshield replacement or a rock chip repair. 

Our social media exposure is immense. Every day tens and hundreds of customer queries are answered through our various social media accounts. We have a social media team assigned specifically for this purpose, who are doing a great job. Using social platforms we are able to reach customers in the entire US with convenience.

For the latest auto glass industry updates, product insight,  offers, and discounts follow TechnaGlass on the following social media platforms.






CEO TechnaGlass, Troy Mason Appointed as the President of NWRA

The National Windshield Repair Association (NWRA) board of directors recently elected Troy Mason, CEO of Techna Glass Inc. in South Jordan, Utah, as its new president. The position took effect on July 1.

Mason has a number of hopes for the association as he takes over.

“My hope for the NWRA is to facilitate delivering some real business value to all auto glass repair companies, and anyone participating in windshield repair, particularly those focusing on the promotion and value of repair,” he says.

The Association recently launched its Trusted Tech program, which it describes as “an accreditation initiative designed to increase the professionalism of the windshield repair industry, dis-incentivize poor or unethical repair practices and bring more work and recognition to companies in the program.”

“The Trusted Tech program is a wonderful start,” says Mason. “At its best, I’d like to see the Trusted Tech program serve as a real badge of credibility, particularly with the insurance carriers. Moreover, I would hope for an eventual performance-based referral rotation. To accomplish this I plan to openly share my experiences over the past 26 years of windshield repair while soliciting innovative and technologically advanced concepts from the board members and industry leaders.”

Mason says both repair-only and full-service companies can benefit from participation in the NWRA.

“My message to all auto glass professionals is this: your active enrollment in the NWRA will increase the professionalism of your business not just with your customers but more importantly internally as well,” says Mason. “Whether you are a repair-only company or a full-service auto glass retailer, the discounts, educational materials, customer and vendor networking opportunities, and access to innovative business development tools will improve your ability to grow your business.”

Why Installing A High-Quality Windshield Is Important For You And Your Vehicle

Most vehicle owners look for the cheapest options when it is time to replace their cracked windshield. What is important and what most of the owners do not realize is that windshield is your long term investment in your vehicle. You don’t want to run into an auto glass store every month, right? So make sure you know what drawbacks are entitled with low-quality windshield glass. TechnaGlass recommends that you go through some of the benefits of installing an A-Class windshield, even though it may be a few bucks higher in price, but its worth it.

The toughness of the high-quality glass prevents it from breaking easily, the visibility of this windshield glass compared to low-quality glass is far more superior and it’s far easier to clean as the dirt does not stick to the surface of the glass.

TechnaGlass is proud to install only high-end windshields. Our windshields enhance structural integrity on your vehicle as well as protect the driver and passengers in case of collisions. Moreover, our windshields are designed and manufactured in a way that it won’t shatter into pieces in case of an accident. This is one of the major reasons why we only recommend high-quality windshield glass. Nothing is expensive than your life!

TechnaGlass, Big O Tires Partner for Colorado Location

TechnaGlass, a regional leader in the automotive glass repair and replacement industry, announced it has partnered with Big O Tires to open a new retail location in Englewood, Colorado.

englewood colorado technaglass

With the combined services of TechnaGlass and Big O Tires, the store aims to become a “one-stop shop” for all auto and truck needs. Its services will include windshield repair and replacement, oil and lube, air conditioning repair, batteries, starters and alternators, shocks, struts, cooling systems, transmissions, steering and suspension, wheel alignment and brake repair, as well as the latest diagnostic and manufacturer scheduled maintenance services.

Founded in 1962, Big O Tires has become North America’s largest retail tire franchisor, with over 400 independently-owned and operated locations in 19 states and providing customers with a broad range of automotive services in addition to quality tires, wheels, and accessories.

Now in its 26th year, TechnaGlass has grown from a small family-owned auto glass company to become one of the largest regional, auto glass repair and replacement companies in the United States. TechnaGlass uses OEM materials and adheres to AGRSS (Auto Glass Repair Safety Standard), which is the accepted industry benchmark.

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What Does Customer Delight Mean To TechnaGlass

What Does Customer Delight Means To TechnaGlass

Not only is TechnaGlass highly productive and efficient with its auto glass replacements,  but we also make sure our customers feel the same. The customer journey at TechnaGlass is exciting because it comprises of a series of deliberate efforts we make so the customer can feel delighted.  Our store locations have all the comfort you would want. Our waiting rooms are cozy and quiet. Even if you are with your family we have children-friendly zones available. We have set the bar high and while most companies have made it a mission to satisfy customers, not every satisfied customer desires to share his/her experiences like our customers do.  Always feel safe that you and your vehicle are in safe hands.

We, wholeheartedly thank our customers for their ultimate loyalty. Our personalized service is our strength. We value the little things in our customers, making them feel at home and providing any sort of assistance while their windshield is getting replaced. TechnaGlass is advocated by all of our customers because we look out for their best interest. We are always open to suggestions and recommendations because we believe you deserve even more from us.

What Does Customer Delight Means To TechnaGlass

TechnaGlass provides a lifetime warranty on workmanship. With every windshield replacement, we give a lifetime warranty on Rock Chip Repair and this is our golden deal. Since we put our customers first, we ensure premiere customer service and offer guarantees that would bring a smile to the face of our customers. If we fall short by any mean, TechnaGlass will make it up to you as well as pay you for letting us know. Therefore, TechnaGlass is your go-to solution for all windshield replacements and Rock Chip Repairs.

When it Comes to Glue for Your Windshield, TechnaGlass Only Carries the Best!

Products designed to meet the best standards in the industry.

Your windshield is secured to the body of your car by specially developed glass adhesives. This glue is tested and approved under all regulations. TechnaGlass carries the best and we use only the highest quality glue and apply them according to your vehicle’s manufacturers’ specifications. We exclusively use SRP safe30 glue. It is a remarkable urethane product, with a 30 minute cure time.

We do it the TechnaGlass Way!


TechnaGlass Purchases Ohio and Utah Franchises

TechnaGlass has purchased the Cincinnati, Ohio and St. George, Utah franchises of TechnaGlass as part of its strategy to operate and develop company-owned units.

In Ohio, Joe Dills, the former TechnaGlass franchisee, will remain with the company and will oversee sales and marketing as area development manager. The company will retain all employees and continue operations in Milford, Ohio. In St. George, Utah, TechnaGlass will also continue to operate at its current location and with existing staff.

These transactions are part of the company’s strategy to accelerate its growth through the acquisition of existing franchises in addition to rapid, regional corporate expansion, according to the company.

“These deals allows us to accelerate our plans to open TechnaGlass retail locations throughout the country that is corporate owned and operated,” said Troy Mason, CEO, and founder of TechnaGlass. “We anticipate opening new locations in Ohio and Kentucky in the near future,” he added.

We Build Lifetime Bonds With Our Customers

At TechnaGlass, you don’t just experience a regular windshield replacement but a lifetime bond that we build with our customers. TechnaGlass have been providing the highest level of trustworthy Autoglass services since 25 years now. We know what our customer wants and what values them the most. You will not find our ‘Life Time RockChip Repair’ deal anywhere in the market. TechnaGlass certified technicians install the best quality of glass and are considered top-notch.

We Build Lifetime Bonds With Our Customers

We were happy to provide quality service to one of the recent customers at our Park City Store. 

“We had such great service here yesterday. While driving up to Park City we got a windshield chip. We looked up the directions to this location and were there in 15 minutes. The service man was so professional, friendly and courteous. We were finished quickly and back on the road. We were very happy with their service”.

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